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11 Feb 2019

Age of Stacking

Author: James Wallman

Publisher: Doğan Novus

Number of Pages: 328

We have goods, which we do not need, clothes, which we do not wear, and the toys, with which we do not play… But having whatever we want is not enough to make us happy. The goods, we buy are piled up in our houses and makes us stressed and cause that we feel as if we were drowned, they sometimes even kill us. In his book, trend anticipation expert, James Wallman tells the stories of people who turn their back to consumption frenzy from a director, who sold everything he has, to a well-to-do family that moved to a far mountain shelter. 



11 Feb 2019

The Mind Of Others

Author: Tali Sharot

Publisher: Domingo Publisher

Number of Pages: 256

One of our daily works is to persuade the others: We teach our children, direct out customers, lead our patients, give advice to our friends, inform our followers in social media. Well then, how good we are at this thing, we do every day? What is determinant in our being influenced by the opinions of the others or our ability to influence the same with our own opinions?

11 Feb 2019

Black Holes

Author: Stephen Hawking

Publisher: Alfa Publishing

Number of Pages: 75

In BBC Reith lessons in 2016, Stephen Hawking accepted really a hard challenge such as reading his studies, which lasted for a lifetime, just within 15 minutes. In these very short lessons, while Hawking reveals the mysteries of universe, he emphasize that we can reach the secrets of space-time when we have understood black holes.

11 Feb 2019

LAGOM-Balanced and Happy Living Art of the Swedish

Author: Niki Brantmark

Publisher: Salon Publishing

Number of Pages: 288

Sweden is ranked in the first third among the happiest places to live in the world and lagom, which refers to “neither too much, not too little, just moderate”, is a philosophy that is based on enjoying the balance in every part of the life from work to spare time; family to food and in all other issues. Experienced cookers know that the dough they need by touching is lagom, i.e., it is neither very wet nor very dry. In the office, hard workers follow lagom ideal without damage to the other parts of their life. Lagom refers to moderation, balance and equality.

21 Oct 2018

21 Lessons For 21st Century

Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Publisher: Kolektif Kitap
Number of pages: 336

Yuval Noah Harari, in his first book, Sapiens, he dealt with how man transformed from an unimportant animal into the world's master, his second book, Homo Deus, with his stunning predictions of mankind's journey towards immortality, happiness and divinity. The 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, which we will publish simultaneously with the United Kingdom and United States, discusses the crucial technological and economic breakthroughs of our century and the essential questions for needful with uninterrupted changes.

21 Oct 2018

The Secret Of Letting Go

Author: Guy Finley
Publisher: Destek Yayınları
Number of pages: 304

Imagine what keeps you from happiness. And give it all up. Easy to say, but not to do, is that so?  Guy Finley tells us step by step how to break down the wall that stands between us and happiness, how to leave what we need to give up, and how to free ourselves in this book. While reading “THE SECRET OF LETTING GO”, you will notice that you are free of anger, hatred, anxiety, guilt, and much more. And you will see that the answer to each question is within you.

21 Oct 2018

Talk Like Ted

Author: Carmine Gallo
Publisher: Aganta Kitap
Number of pages: 280

Taking the name of the initials of Technology, Entertainment and Design-TED conferences is increasing all over the world. 18-minutes TED speeches, which are known by the slogan of value-sharing ideas, have affected people so much, more than 4 billion people watched on the Internet. So why? This book by Carmine Gallo, included in the Wall Street Journal bestselling list, brings together the analysis of more than 100 TED speeches, interviews with TED's most popular speakers, psychology, neuroscience and communication experts.


21 Oct 2018

Time Management For Everyone

Author: Polly Bird
Publisher: Optimist Yayınları
Number of pages: 228

We need time for ourselves. Our friends, family, hobbies, dreams demand time from us. Our most valuable asset is our time. This book is written for those who know that maintaining a stress-free, satisfying life is closely related to time. But be ready. The power of simple and practical suggestions can be surprising.

16 Jul 2018

Body Language

Author: Joe Navarro
Publisher: Alfa Yayıncılık 
Number of pages: 300

It is possible to read people's mind by decoding their body language. It is enough to master body language to decode sentiments and behaviors, avoid hidden pitfalls, and look for deceptive behaviors and nail a lie to the counter. By mastering body language, you'll also learn how your body language can influence what your boss, family, friends, and strangers think of you. The face is the least likely place to gauge a person's true feelings. Thumbs, feet, and eyelids reveal about our moods and motives. The body reveals our confidence even before our speech starts. An effective handshake opens many doors. The most effective way to persuade your interlocutor is to use body language.

16 Jul 2018

Telegraphs To Tablets

Author:  Evrim Kuran
Publisher: Destek Yayınları  
Number of pages: 152

Evrim Kuran, an author who is famous for her research on generations and a pioneer thereof, she tells us about the striking aspects of 5 generations in her recently published book "Telegraph to tablets", and investigates the social heritage of each generation for successors. 

16 Jul 2018

Go Went Gone

Author: Jenny Erpenbeck 
Publisher: Can Yayınları 
Number of pages: 328

As retired professor Richard, struggling with questions about his life, encounters African refugees staging a hunger strike in Alexanderplatz and decides to search answers to his questions among these young people in a place  where no one is looking for. This is the moment when Richard, one of the inhabitants of old Europe, turned his attention to something else other than himself for the first time.

16 Jul 2018

The Leadership Challenge

Author: James Kouzes, Barry Posner
Publisher: Optimist
Number of pages: 248

It is not an easy task to be an exemplary leader. It requires believing in yourself, trusting, setting goals, being grateful, receiving support, and making informed practice. The Leadership Challenge reveals a concrete framework and viable steps to create examplary leaders who can cope with today's and tomorrow's challenges.

28 May 2018


Writer: Graeme Donald
Publishing House: Hep Kitap
Number of Pages: 392

Under the guidance of book of Graeme Donald which is titled as ‘Today’, are you ready to take a historical journey between the centuries? One day with Tolkien, another day with Mark Twain, one day with Queen Victoria, with Alfred Hitchcock or with Frank Lloyd Wright. A new information on each day. Witnessing a different moment of history on each day. With anectodes that are written shortly and which tell what has happened on that day in history, ‘Today’ is an interesting and informative journey which the readers can follow up day by day.

28 May 2018

Power of Saying "No"

Writer: Claudia Azula Altucher, James Altucher
Publishing House: Pegasus
Number of Pages: 240

“No” is the most difficult thing to say sometimes but it can be the most necessary word to say. With the power of saying No, leave room for “Yes” … How many times have you found yourself being faced with boring requests, bad relations, and obligations taking time which you said Yes to? How many times did you wish to have the power to reject them? This smart and practical guide will help you attain this power and it will show that “No” that is said at the appropriate times does not only avoid time consumption but that it can also save your life at the same time.

28 May 2018


Writer: Bahtiyar Turker
Publishing House: Payda Publishing
Number of Pages: 200

In this book reflection of technological developments on leaders, paths and principles followed up by the famous people who reached to the top places as starting from the point of zero, and impact of changes and developments in social dynamics on the leaders are evaluated. Particulars relating with how subordinates and superiors perceive each other and particulars making female leaders different have been investigated. In the book where our values which are lost with Globalization are lost are stated, anecdotes relating with people who have disciplined their hearts are transmitted in the section with heading of “Funny words of faces which don’t smile”. Leadership 2 is a book that is a guide for those having leadership and management ideals and it is a book that is interesting with anectodes which can be joyfully read by people from all ages and occupation groups.

28 May 2018

'Don't Mind' Art Which Requires Mastership

Writer: Mark Manson
Publising House: Butik
Number of Pages: 200

“Big Power Brings with it Big Responsibilities.” It is correct. But there is a better view point and a real deep view point relating with this wording. The only thing you have to do is to change the places of the words: “Big Responsibilities Necessitate Big Power.”. Even though it seems good “To see things from positive aspects”, the reality is that life can be real bad sometimes and the healthiest thing you can do is to accept this. Denying negative feelings can cause deeper and long lasting negative feelings and emotional disorders. Being continuously positive is not a solution for life problems and it is a way of denial.