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11 Feb 2019

Ground-Breaking Project By Musk

Highly mentioned thanks to his technological developments in recent times, Elon Musk continues to put his signature under new things with his company called The Boring Company, established in addition to Tesla. Having accomplished his long-time mentioned underground tunnel Project in California, Musk made an investment more than 10 million dollars for his tunnel, which is under prototype stage yet. Thanks to this attempt, carried out in order to facilitate life, the vehicles will be able to get access both faster and more convenient through a road network to be established under the ground. In the video, released for promotional purposes, it is seen that an apparatus was attached to the front wheels of a Tesla model means of transport. Unlike the first explanations, made in the beginning, the vehicle moves both under the control of the driver and on its own power. It is an object of curiosity what will be experienced later on in this Project that is anticipated to be used by everyone in the following years. 


11 Feb 2019

100 Km Of Distance In Just 3 Minutes

The most popular of the automobiles, which are gradually used much more today, and that are operated with alternative sources of energy, are now electrical automobiles. And charging is the main problem of these electrical automobiles, which are started to be manufactured by almost all brands. This issue, leaving question marks in the minds of most people, seems to be cleared by two world-famous brands, i.e., BMW and Porsche thanks to their innovative devices, which can perform charging in just 3 minutes. 3 times faster than the recently used charging devices, this technology can charge a car so as to move the same up to 100 kilometers. It is anticipated that this device, which is under prototype stage yet, will have a place near the motorways in time. This, application, which will be free of charge in the beginning, will be shaped within time based on usage. Although only two brands offer such an advantage for now, it seems that this sweet competition will increase thanks to the ever-lasting and constantly advancing technology.  

11 Feb 2019

BMW’s New Flagship: Vision iNext

Planned to be manufactured by BMW trademark in 2021, high-end electrical automobile was offered to the visitors in Los Angeles Fair. Having a very different internal design than that of what we are used to, this automobile reminds the X5 model, however; it offers much more internal space as it is an electrical car. The internal design with wood, fabric and digital displays has a rather minimalist concept. Holding two motors in the front and at the back, it was explained that BMW Vision iNext can reach a speed of up to 100km/h in approximately 4 seconds and that it can cover a distance of 611 kilometers in just a single charging operation. Having the characteristics of being a revolution for electrical cars, one of the most remarkable characteristics of this car is that it has two driving modes, called as Boost and Ease. While the driver drives the car on its own in Boost mode, in Ease mode, the steering Wheel automatically enters into its compartment and the automobile moves on its own. BMW calls this new model as a ‘’new period in driving comfort’’ thanks to the rapidly advancing technology.

11 Feb 2019

The Age of Electrical Minibuses

As the interest in electrical automobiles gradually increases, significant developments are experienced on the part of commercial vehicles as well. Producing autobuses for Hyundai as well, while producing several minibuses and buses under its own brand, Karsan, which is at the same time one of the leading companies of the automobile industry, launched its fully electrical vehicle, Jest Electric in European market. Produced in cooperation with BMW, the minibus has the technical equipment of model i3. Most of the software platform of this new generation minibus, final speed of which is 70 kilometers per hour, was carried out by Turkish engineers. Currently put up for sale in Europe with a price starting from Euro 165.000, Jest Electric decided not to enter into Turkish market in the beginning. It is highly probable in a very short time to see Karson on the roads, which stated that a special finance management is considered for Turkey.  



11 Feb 2019

A Completely Different Project from Alibaba

Following the smart homes and cars with artificial intelligent thanks to rapidly developing and advancing technology, now it is time fort he hotels with artificial intelligence. One of the first companies that comes to mind when it comes to online shopping, Alibaba carried out a giant Project in Hangzhou. Having opened its first artificial intelligent supported hotel, called FlyZoo, the Chinese company aims to facilitate the life of hotel customers thanks to the Technologies used in this respect. Offering an unusual experience such as doors opened with face scan, oral assistants in the rooms, autonomous robots performing the service, this hotel brings a new dimension in technology. It is an object of curiosity if we could see in different cities this technological hotel, which is present only in China at the moment. 

11 Feb 2019

BOSE Wishes A Nice Sleep

One of the first brands that springs to minds when it comes to headset and sound equipment, Bose provides a more convenient and quality sleep thanks to its recent earphones, called as Sleepbuds. The headset, which can prevent the disturbing sounds around, unfortunately lacks a feature to listen to music. It is connected to the telephone via Bluetooth but it can only be used with the application, called Bose Sleep. While the program gives you any and all information, it also helps you to go to sleep easily thanks to the several relaxing voices, offered therewith. And the carrying pouch, equipped with the headset also serves a function to charge your headset. 

11 Feb 2019

Cancer Abandons Itself To The Strength Of Gold

Some news arrived from Queensland University while new methods are sought for cancer treatment today. In the study by scientists, performing several researches, it is indicated that the DNA of cancer cells regardless of type they are "abandoned to the gravity force of gold more strongly." Producing a new test and starting the trial process, scientists demonstrated that cancerous DNA change it color. It was stated that this test, in which more than 200 trials were made, could detect cancer up to a truth extent of 90%. With respect to the study, published in more detail in "Nature Communications" magazine, it was envisaged that it should be studied for a while before it is used on the patients. 

11 Feb 2019

Air Taxis Of The Future

The drones, which have been very popular to take photos and videos recently, are now on the way for another purpose. Designed by LIFT Aircraft company, Hexa has a feature to be controlled from the ground in cases of emergency in order to prevent the potential threats just as it can be easily folded thanks to the joystick, incorporated therein. It is anticipated that the single-seater electrical aircraft that is currently used only during the daytime would be used in near future as an air taxi for city transportation. This giant drone with 18 propellers can stay in the air for 15 minutes and it can lift a weight of up to 250 kilograms. It will be possible to use drone helicopters for which pilot license is not required for now, after the training, provided only for one hour with virtual reality simulator.   

11 Feb 2019

Age of Stacking

Author: James Wallman

Publisher: Doğan Novus

Number of Pages: 328

We have goods, which we do not need, clothes, which we do not wear, and the toys, with which we do not play… But having whatever we want is not enough to make us happy. The goods, we buy are piled up in our houses and makes us stressed and cause that we feel as if we were drowned, they sometimes even kill us. In his book, trend anticipation expert, James Wallman tells the stories of people who turn their back to consumption frenzy from a director, who sold everything he has, to a well-to-do family that moved to a far mountain shelter. 



11 Feb 2019

The Mind Of Others

Author: Tali Sharot

Publisher: Domingo Publisher

Number of Pages: 256

One of our daily works is to persuade the others: We teach our children, direct out customers, lead our patients, give advice to our friends, inform our followers in social media. Well then, how good we are at this thing, we do every day? What is determinant in our being influenced by the opinions of the others or our ability to influence the same with our own opinions?

11 Feb 2019

Black Holes

Author: Stephen Hawking

Publisher: Alfa Publishing

Number of Pages: 75

In BBC Reith lessons in 2016, Stephen Hawking accepted really a hard challenge such as reading his studies, which lasted for a lifetime, just within 15 minutes. In these very short lessons, while Hawking reveals the mysteries of universe, he emphasize that we can reach the secrets of space-time when we have understood black holes.

11 Feb 2019

LAGOM-Balanced and Happy Living Art of the Swedish

Author: Niki Brantmark

Publisher: Salon Publishing

Number of Pages: 288

Sweden is ranked in the first third among the happiest places to live in the world and lagom, which refers to “neither too much, not too little, just moderate”, is a philosophy that is based on enjoying the balance in every part of the life from work to spare time; family to food and in all other issues. Experienced cookers know that the dough they need by touching is lagom, i.e., it is neither very wet nor very dry. In the office, hard workers follow lagom ideal without damage to the other parts of their life. Lagom refers to moderation, balance and equality.

21 Oct 2018

Parents Can Follow School Services

Thanks to the Arvento Vehicle Tracking System, which is used in the 18.341 service vehicles of the companies affiliated to the Istanbul Association of Public Transporters (ISTAB), parents can see their children's time to school and home via their mobile devices. Thanks to the Arvento Kids application developed by Arvento Vehicle Tracking Systems, the parents who can control the speed of the service vehicle with a single click and sigh of relief.

21 Oct 2018

Favorite Of The Nature-Lovers

Offering current data on the nature trails, sports fields and camps in Turkey- “Turkey Outdoor” serving as a platform, aims to remedy the problems of users interested in outdoor sports. Outdoor Turkey users, adding to record their own trails and camping areas, contribute as well as development both databases and circulation of current knowledge. Users can leave comments on the trails and camp sites in the platform or add images related to these areas.

21 Oct 2018

New Generation Diary

Logg is a personal helper and social diary where users can easily record and track all their activities, basically it serves as a mobile log. In short, thanks to Logg, users can keep track of their daily tasks, their densities during the day, their continuity in sports and their determination in their hobbies. Logg keeps the memories they have recorded by giving them the opportunity to share memories and share them on social platforms. Note applications, reminders, activity followers, and serves as a mix of many applications. 

21 Oct 2018

No Longer Worry About Losing Goods

Which of us didn't waste time trying to find the key, wallet, and phone then get stress? Sometimes we thought we couldn't find valuable items inside the house, sometimes in the depths of our bags, and sometimes on the streets. Trackr is found out a small LOT device to solve this problem. Trackr, which you can easily carry on your key holder, allows you to keep track of your things over the mobile application. In this way, you can reach your items quickly and get rid of the trouble of trying to find out. Trackr, which you can easily attach to your Goods, also minimizes the possibility of theft by making it easier for you to find the location of your item by playing a siren. 

21 Oct 2018

21 Lessons For 21st Century

Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Publisher: Kolektif Kitap
Number of pages: 336

Yuval Noah Harari, in his first book, Sapiens, he dealt with how man transformed from an unimportant animal into the world's master, his second book, Homo Deus, with his stunning predictions of mankind's journey towards immortality, happiness and divinity. The 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, which we will publish simultaneously with the United Kingdom and United States, discusses the crucial technological and economic breakthroughs of our century and the essential questions for needful with uninterrupted changes.

21 Oct 2018

The Secret Of Letting Go

Author: Guy Finley
Publisher: Destek Yayınları
Number of pages: 304

Imagine what keeps you from happiness. And give it all up. Easy to say, but not to do, is that so?  Guy Finley tells us step by step how to break down the wall that stands between us and happiness, how to leave what we need to give up, and how to free ourselves in this book. While reading “THE SECRET OF LETTING GO”, you will notice that you are free of anger, hatred, anxiety, guilt, and much more. And you will see that the answer to each question is within you.

21 Oct 2018

Talk Like Ted

Author: Carmine Gallo
Publisher: Aganta Kitap
Number of pages: 280

Taking the name of the initials of Technology, Entertainment and Design-TED conferences is increasing all over the world. 18-minutes TED speeches, which are known by the slogan of value-sharing ideas, have affected people so much, more than 4 billion people watched on the Internet. So why? This book by Carmine Gallo, included in the Wall Street Journal bestselling list, brings together the analysis of more than 100 TED speeches, interviews with TED's most popular speakers, psychology, neuroscience and communication experts.


21 Oct 2018

Time Management For Everyone

Author: Polly Bird
Publisher: Optimist Yayınları
Number of pages: 228

We need time for ourselves. Our friends, family, hobbies, dreams demand time from us. Our most valuable asset is our time. This book is written for those who know that maintaining a stress-free, satisfying life is closely related to time. But be ready. The power of simple and practical suggestions can be surprising.

21 Oct 2018

Plastic Wastes Will Change Into Fuel

A project developed at the University of Swansea in the UK can convert almost any kind of plastic waste change into automobile fuel. Nowadays, electric vehicles, which are rapidly becoming widespread, will be able to use plastic wastes as fuel if the plans work correctly. If the plastic wastes, which have been lost to nature for an average of 450 years, can be used in such an effective manner, the fuel demand of the world population will be alleviated. Developed project, converting plastic waste to hydrogen source and synthesizes hydrogen with oxygen thus convert it to fuel for cars and other vehicles.

21 Oct 2018

Volvo Wink Off For The Future

Swedish automobile giant Volvo made debut its concept of a new driverless car. Volvo introduced the new Volvo 360c concept. The model is completely autonomous and draws attention with its interior design. The model does not have a driver's seat for the driver due to there is no need a driver. It can be hosted to whether a bedroom, or a living room for you. The external design of the 360c, powered by the electric motor, has a highly futuristic line. There is no official information related to the technical components of the model. Volvo Company has not yet disclosed the information regarding when the model will be put into production and on sale.

21 Oct 2018

All Done From Lego

In recent years, LEGO has made one of the most interesting campaigns. The firm produced a true size Bugatti Chiron, designed by the LEGO Technic series, using more than 1 million parts. The LEGO Bugatti Chiron, which runs 20 kilometers per hour, is the result of a total of 13,500 hours work. LEGO’s engines technically give the vehicle 5.3 horsepower. The LEGO cost of the engines is 70 thousand dollars. 

21 Oct 2018

Produced 95% Domestic Electric Car

Gümüşhane University, Vocational School, Mechatronics Program, Computer Programming and Energy Systems, Engineering students and academicians with a team of 13 people, autonomously designed electric car. The car, which costs about 130.000 TL, is charged in 2 hours from the 3 kW battery and it reaches 110 km maximum speed. It received support from TUBITAK and produced within 4 months and 95% domestic production, and is given the city's important tourist areas Tomara Waterfall name “TOMARA” for draw attention. 

21 Oct 2018

New Technique- Transform Blood

Scientists in the University of British Columbia have developed a technique that transforms the blood into the A, B, and AB group, to O Rh (-) blood group. Withers said they found the source they were looking for in the bacteria at the human intestine. Withers also stated that they took 20 thousand different DNA samples from the human excrement intestine bacteria. They discovered a new class of enzymes that are good for sucroclastic. Withers pointed out that this high level of efficiency would mean fewer enzymes needed in the blood conversion process, which means lower production costs and, more importantly, less filtration after the transfusion.

21 Oct 2018

Revolution In The Diagnosis Of Eye Diseases

Three-dimensional scanning results of the retina to detect dozens of common eye disease software was developed by dint of collaboration of Google's artificial intelligence company DeepMind, in London. This software, which is not yet ready for service, is planned to be used in hospitals within a few years. According to scientists, this development is described as seminal-work. DeepMind's head Mr. Mustafa Süleyman stated at the press conference that he was excited about the project and its results, and that this research would create a major transformation in the diagnosis, trea

21 Oct 2018

The New Transportation Vehicle; Flying Taxis

Vertical Aerospace, based in the UK, aims to launch flying taxis in 2022, which can drive up to 300 kilometers per hour. The company developed a single-passenger taxi model, which is currently at a distance of 160 kilometers. However, this distance is expected to reach up to 500 kilometers with the development of flying taxis. Thus, it will be possible to go to Edinburgh, the capital of Scots, which is the most used route from London, or Paris, the capital of France. The company has been planning to complete the shortcomings of the vehicle and obtain the necessary permits within 4 years. The vehicle, which can drive vertically up and down without the need for a runway, is expected to reduce the load at airports and save passengers from the long procedures in air transport. 

21 Oct 2018

Smart Cane: Wewalk

WeWALK smart cane, designed for the visually impaired by YGA (Young Guru Academy) and Vestel engineers contain high-end technologies such as gyroscope, acceleration-gauge, compass, vibration motors, microprocessor, touchpad, microphone, speaker and Bluetooth. Powerful rechargeable battery is offered in the hardware as constant for long-term usage. The concept design of the product belongs to YGA, which has been producing technologies for the Visually Impaired for over 10 years.

16 Jul 2018

The Number Of Electric Cars On The Road Exceeded 3 Million Last Year

The number of electric and plug-in hybrid cars on the world’s roads exceeded 3 million in 2017. Nordic countries remain leaders in market share. Electric cars accounted for 39% of new car sales in Norway, making it the world leader in electric vehicle (EV) market share. In Iceland, new EV sales were 12% of the total while the share reached 6% in Sweden. China and Germany also saw strong growth. being other countries  in top 5 ranks of the list. As the use of electric vehicles continues to increase,  and the special charging stations also increase constantly in parallel to increase in EV.

16 Jul 2018

Tesla To Launch In Turkey In 2018

Elon Musk, the founder and chief executive of Tesla, has announced that the vehicles of the US's largest  international electric car producer will be launched in Turkey later this year. Elon Musk, answered the question "When will Tesla be launched in Turkey", of a Twitter user, in a post on his Twitter account. “Btw, planning to launch Tesla in Turkey later this year,” Elon Musk said in a post on his Twitter account.    “Love your country & will be there in person for the launch,” he added.

16 Jul 2018

Germany's First Diesel Vehicle Ban Has Started In Hamburg

Hamburg became the first German city to ban some diesel cars and implement it. The use of old-model diesel vehicles was totally banned on two main roads where vehicle traffic was intense in the city. The cars with old-model diesel engines are restricted to be used in two main streets in Hamburg, to the north of Germany. Thus, Hamburg became the first city to enforce this law following the Federal Administrative Court's decision that high-emission vehicles would be subject to disqualification from driving as a last resort in the prevention of air pollution.

16 Jul 2018

Toyota Supports Education

Toyota Otomotiv Sanayi Türkiye (Turkey) aims to increase student's professional knowledge and skills by ensuring them to be trained in concordance with the latest technologies and concordantly continues to donate tools and equipment. 26 vehicles are donated to business high schools, vocational high schools and universities   in Afyon Ankara, Antalya, Bilecik, Bursa, Diyarbakir, Edirne, Elazığ, Erzurum, Gaziantep, Hakkari, Isparta, İstanbul, İzmir, Kayseri, Kastamonu, Kocaeli, Konya, Kütahya, Mersin, Niğde, Şanlıurfa , Trabzon, Yalova and Yozgat for use in technical trainings.

16 Jul 2018

Domestic And National Base Station "Ulak" Put Into Service

Turkey's first domestic and national base station, "ULAK" is put into service in a ceremony in Kars, with honorable participation of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan. Arslan said in the ceremony held for entry into service of ULAK that the future will be more meaningful together with the era of information and communication and that with this consciousness it is worked hard to boost the communication sector and move our country to the top of list for this sector.

16 Jul 2018

Health Data On Clocks

Asus' new smart watch, Vivowatch BP, offers 28 days of battery life and real-time health-related data and extremely high-end features for its price. Asus's new smart watch with a thick frame and considerable weight due to its extra sensors can measure internal blood pressure. According to Asus's announcement, Vivowatch BP is made of materials compared to the quality of medical equipment. However, the smart watch is 70% smaller and 50% lighter than standard wrist sphygmomanometers (blood pressure monitors).

16 Jul 2018

Smart Phones Protected By Mobile Air Bags

Philip Frenzel, a German engineering student, has made a search to prevent crashes smartphones due to falling. Frenzel designed a mechanism that acts more or less like a mobile airbag. The solution called AD (active damping case) detects that your handset is in free fall and then releases springs to make the phone bounces on the surface, damping the impact. Frenzel, still studying at Aalen University in Germany, was awarded a prize at the German Mechatronics Club for this mobile airbag case project.

16 Jul 2018

Global Call For Code Initiative For Natural Disaster Preparation

Call for Code, an initiative recently founded by IBM, is taking action for societal issues. Over five years, Call for Code aims to invest $ 30 million in projects that will solve societal issues such as natural disasters and accordingly brings startup, academic and enterprise developers together. The Call for Code brings developers together and inspire them to develop new application for helping individuals and the masses to be more prepared for natural disasters. For example, an application could be developed that would allow developers to predict where and when a possible earthquake disaster could have the most severe impact, with the purpose of ensuring that emergency staff can intervene casualties in the fastest way possible.

16 Jul 2018

Taxies Benefits From Digital Technologies

Taxi 7x24, the next generation taxi platform of TETAŞ Elektronik, contributes to digitalization of taxies partnering with Turkcell regarding  mobile communication, content and payment infrastructure. With the digital taxi, Taxi 7x24, both taxi drivers and passengers will be able to travel more safely and comfortably. The locations of the taxies can be monitored live, and digitized taximeters can easily be remotely updated in the same center without hassle and waiting. In this system, there will be two tablets, one of which will be at disposal of passenger. Thanks to these tablets, drivers will be able to easily get taxi calls and navigate easily through the navigation device.

16 Jul 2018

Rent A Bike Anywhere

Apple has partnered with Ito World, a provider of transportation data services, to include bike rental information in Apple Maps. Now Apple Map user can access bicycle rental points in 175 cities in 36 countries. This means that you can see the nearest bicycle rental points when you type a bike rental on the search bar of Apple Maps or type the name of the service provider. With this new feature, Apple Maps provides you with an address, name and contact number for your service.

16 Jul 2018

Application That Makes World Greener With Your Green Steps

Painting brand Jotun's 'Jotun Green Steps' application developed within the scope of the social responsibility project is back. By means of the application available until August 4th,   a tree will be planted for every four kilometer walk you make. Thanks to Jotun Green Steps initiative in the last year, targeted 10 thousand tree were planted in short time and the forest was created in Gönen, Balıkesir. This year, the forest will be formed in Eskişehir Turgutlar Afforestation Site.

16 Jul 2018

Planny For Your Daily Plans

More than just a simple a note application, Planny has highlights with features such as task planning and project tracking, and combines many capabilities in one platform. Planny allows you to organize your day and it is now available for iOS and MacOS platforms. The app has both paid and free options and it is charged $ 1.49 per month for the Planny Pro version. Planny is consisted of 3 different parts and draws attention with its colorful design.

16 Jul 2018

Body Language

Author: Joe Navarro
Publisher: Alfa Yayıncılık 
Number of pages: 300

It is possible to read people's mind by decoding their body language. It is enough to master body language to decode sentiments and behaviors, avoid hidden pitfalls, and look for deceptive behaviors and nail a lie to the counter. By mastering body language, you'll also learn how your body language can influence what your boss, family, friends, and strangers think of you. The face is the least likely place to gauge a person's true feelings. Thumbs, feet, and eyelids reveal about our moods and motives. The body reveals our confidence even before our speech starts. An effective handshake opens many doors. The most effective way to persuade your interlocutor is to use body language.

16 Jul 2018

Telegraphs To Tablets

Author:  Evrim Kuran
Publisher: Destek Yayınları  
Number of pages: 152

Evrim Kuran, an author who is famous for her research on generations and a pioneer thereof, she tells us about the striking aspects of 5 generations in her recently published book "Telegraph to tablets", and investigates the social heritage of each generation for successors. 

16 Jul 2018

Go Went Gone

Author: Jenny Erpenbeck 
Publisher: Can Yayınları 
Number of pages: 328

As retired professor Richard, struggling with questions about his life, encounters African refugees staging a hunger strike in Alexanderplatz and decides to search answers to his questions among these young people in a place  where no one is looking for. This is the moment when Richard, one of the inhabitants of old Europe, turned his attention to something else other than himself for the first time.

16 Jul 2018

The Leadership Challenge

Author: James Kouzes, Barry Posner
Publisher: Optimist
Number of pages: 248

It is not an easy task to be an exemplary leader. It requires believing in yourself, trusting, setting goals, being grateful, receiving support, and making informed practice. The Leadership Challenge reveals a concrete framework and viable steps to create examplary leaders who can cope with today's and tomorrow's challenges.

28 May 2018


Writer: Graeme Donald
Publishing House: Hep Kitap
Number of Pages: 392

Under the guidance of book of Graeme Donald which is titled as ‘Today’, are you ready to take a historical journey between the centuries? One day with Tolkien, another day with Mark Twain, one day with Queen Victoria, with Alfred Hitchcock or with Frank Lloyd Wright. A new information on each day. Witnessing a different moment of history on each day. With anectodes that are written shortly and which tell what has happened on that day in history, ‘Today’ is an interesting and informative journey which the readers can follow up day by day.

28 May 2018

Power of Saying "No"

Writer: Claudia Azula Altucher, James Altucher
Publishing House: Pegasus
Number of Pages: 240

“No” is the most difficult thing to say sometimes but it can be the most necessary word to say. With the power of saying No, leave room for “Yes” … How many times have you found yourself being faced with boring requests, bad relations, and obligations taking time which you said Yes to? How many times did you wish to have the power to reject them? This smart and practical guide will help you attain this power and it will show that “No” that is said at the appropriate times does not only avoid time consumption but that it can also save your life at the same time.

28 May 2018


Writer: Bahtiyar Turker
Publishing House: Payda Publishing
Number of Pages: 200

In this book reflection of technological developments on leaders, paths and principles followed up by the famous people who reached to the top places as starting from the point of zero, and impact of changes and developments in social dynamics on the leaders are evaluated. Particulars relating with how subordinates and superiors perceive each other and particulars making female leaders different have been investigated. In the book where our values which are lost with Globalization are lost are stated, anecdotes relating with people who have disciplined their hearts are transmitted in the section with heading of “Funny words of faces which don’t smile”. Leadership 2 is a book that is a guide for those having leadership and management ideals and it is a book that is interesting with anectodes which can be joyfully read by people from all ages and occupation groups.

28 May 2018

'Don't Mind' Art Which Requires Mastership

Writer: Mark Manson
Publising House: Butik
Number of Pages: 200

“Big Power Brings with it Big Responsibilities.” It is correct. But there is a better view point and a real deep view point relating with this wording. The only thing you have to do is to change the places of the words: “Big Responsibilities Necessitate Big Power.”. Even though it seems good “To see things from positive aspects”, the reality is that life can be real bad sometimes and the healthiest thing you can do is to accept this. Denying negative feelings can cause deeper and long lasting negative feelings and emotional disorders. Being continuously positive is not a solution for life problems and it is a way of denial.

18 May 2018

A Trial for Artificial Rain in China

China has been working on the biggest ever artificial rain project to have some extra rainfall over the Tibet Plato.

18 May 2018

A Photosynthesizing New Tire

In the future, tires will be able to clean the air. By photosynthesis they will absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. This will reduce air pollution especially in big cities. Tires are no longer only for the vehicles to hold on to the road, but also for cleaning the air. The concept of Oxygene photosynthesizes while the vehicle is on the road, thus improving the air quality. The Oxygene concept absorbs the humidity on the road through its tread, pulling the carbon dioxide in the air to feed the algae in its sidewalls. This is the photosynthesis, after which oxygen is released into the air.

13 Apr 2018

Emergency Blood Searching Application as Focused on Location

‘Save the Lives’ which comes in front of us as a social responsibility project, is providing services as an emergency blood searching application focusing on location. ‘Save the Lives’ which is a successful alternative that can be used in situations where there is need for emergency blood, is being provided as free both for IOS and Android platforms. ‘Save  the Lives’ which comes to the forefront both due to its easy usage and time saving features, is transmitting the requirements for blood as being shared through the platform to the users as notifications. Let us also add that as ‘Save the Lives’ is location focused, it transmits the requirements in the closest locations to the users.

13 Apr 2018

Application that fights against stress: Meditation

Local Meditation Application, which is created to assist the users for them to discover their happiness, is providing solutions in topics such as stress, insomnia, breathing, motivation and focusing. Meditation application which offers more than 150 meditations and more than 15 different programs, is providing the opportunity of learning how to meditate in a very simple way. Meditation Application which is offered as free both for Android and for IOS platforms, is promising the users to get to know their bodies and emotions, to manage their stress, to reduce their worries, and to solve their sleeping problems with awareness exercises that the users will do during the day starting from 5 minutes onward.

13 Apr 2018

Menus enabling fast access and reaching to real time information

Google, Google Maps IOS application is updated with a new feature. With the updating, at the bottom of main screen, menus of “Discover”, “Drive” and “Collective Carriage” are added. In this way, it becomes more easier to reach to local spaces or to communal information. It will also be possible to expend the menus and to have more comprehensive image by moving upward. New feature is began to be offered for IOS users in Google Maps.

13 Apr 2018

E-Diet Application for Technology Addicts

Due to the reason that people are bound with technological devices at the degree of addiction, a new application is being developed. With the application that is named as E-Diet, people will be able to monitor data relating with how much time they have spent with their computers, tablets, and mobile phones and they will be able to stop. In the application relating to which R&D studies are being carried out, how will technology addiction of people be controlled? How many hours of usage would mean that they are addicts? How can this addiction be converted into beneficial usage? It is aimed to find solutions to questions of these types.

13 Apr 2018

Smart Energy Net from Audi

Audi, started their Smart Energy Net Management which is their pilot project enabling for the electricity being obtained from sunlight to be used in cars, homes and heating systems as being distributed in a controlled way. With this study being realized at household level for the first time, contribution is made for balancing all electrical network. Pilot program began to be used in households in the regions of Ingolstadt and Zurich. Audi connected all these systems in the households where there is solar panel and battery storage system, with a software that is designed to distribute the energy being collected in a smart way among the households.

13 Apr 2018

400 km with Charging for 15 Minutes

Luxurious automobile company Porsche, has announced Mission E for the first time in year 2015. Porsche, which stated that they will launch it in 2019 if everything proceeds as planned, is targeting to be admired for long charging periods besides powerful nature of the vehicle. Porsche Mission E, which has a superior charging devices of 800 volts, can realize charging that could last for 400 kilometers of traveling on road, in only 15 minutes. When batteries of vehicle are completely filled, the vehicle can travel for 480 kilometers but due to battery structure, it is generally recommended for you not to charge the vehicle fully. Porsche, which targets to be the competitor of Tesla, is planning to realize this through charging stations besides the vehicles. Charging stations that will be added to 189 Porsche dealers in America will be providing services as competing with the stations of Tesla.

13 Apr 2018

Robot Aided Production in Seat

At Martorell factory of SEAT, smart robots are carrying 23 thousand and 800 parts on each day and they are traveling a distance of 436 thousand kilometers in total in a year. As the parts are carried with the help of robots, it is enabled for factory workers to work more efficiently and production period is reduced by 25 percent. After it is ensured that robots carry the correct piece by reading a bar code, warehouse door is opened with the help of a sensor and robot begins touring within the factory. While automated robots carry engines, gearboxes and door glasses from one place to another, they can carry a weight of one thousand and 500 kilograms in single turn.

13 Apr 2018

“Seabin”, Which is the Savior of Seas is Downloaded to the Sea

Seabin, which is designed as a garbage box that takes all the wastes in the sea automatically inside, began to provide services by being downloaded in water in different parts of the world. With the help of this technology which is developed by two Australian surfers Andrew Turton and Pete Ceqlinski, all kinds of wastes, garbage, fuel, detergents and other undesired particulars that are on the sea surface are being automatically cleaned.

13 Apr 2018

“Air Defense Robot” from the University Students

Air Defense Robot (HSR) which is created by the students of Selcuk University in Konya and which can be controlled by means of mobile phone software, can be destroyed with a rocket after detecting the threatening particulars in the air.

13 Apr 2018

Turning Point in the Treatment of Cancer

It is stated that DNA nanorobots which are developed in China can be a point of turn regarding cancer treatments. Nanorobots which are 5 thousand times smaller than a needle head, can detect a tumor as they are released in the bloodstream and they can start operating. Nanorobots which inject thrombin enzyme to the tumor for causing blood coagulation and for forming a fibrous texture, block the path to be fed through the blood and they leave cancer cells into starvation. Nanorobots which fight with cancer in this way, enable for tumors to shrink in weeks of time.

13 Apr 2018

Your Health Status is under Control all day Long

Spire Health Tag is a technological product that can be worn.This thin and small devices enable to get information about your health as you attach it to the clothing which you often wear. The product which you can attach either to your underwear or to clothing which you wear on your daily life, gathers information relating to your breathing and it can measure your level of worrying.