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News From Abroad

22 Oct 2018

Changing Wind Into Energy

Dear friends of our Mavi Yeşil magazine,

Summer season is over and we have entered into autumn. This is not only the season of harvest but it is also the season known for its strong winds. Before the invention of the steam engine watermills and windmills were the only source to replacing humans or animals from operating machines.

17 Jul 2018

“EWE myEnergyCloud” or how the whole can be more than the sum of its parts

Dear friends of our Mavi Yeşil magazine,

Do you remember when you bought a CD or a DVD for the last time? Do you still send pictures to your friends and family member via email? Is the software you use physically installed on your computer or tablet? I am sure that at least to some of the questions your answer will be no. You use streaming services for music or movies or social media platforms for exchanging news or pictures with your family, friends or business colleagues.

28 May 2018

“enera or the next step towards the new energy world!”

Dear reader of Mavi Yesil. In our winter edition I introduced you to the brine4power project . It focuses on building the world’s largest battery in the north of Germany. The reason for this ambitious project is the accelerating transition of the German and European energy system from fossil fuels to renewable and sustainable power sources.

15 Jan 2018

brine4power or how to build the world’s largest battery!

Dear reader of Mavi Yesil. In this section I will regularly report on astounding developments in German’s energy market. EWE is one of the leading companies when it comes to make the transition of the energy market work.