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Bursagaz News

25 Sep 2018

Bursagaz Photography Club Photographed The Historical Streets Of Tirilye

Bursagaz continues to add value to Bursa through the social club activities planned to support with all-purpose development of its employees and realize the sustainability value. In this context, Bursagaz Photography Club, which started its activities this year, continued the photography activities in Tirilye. Club members organized street photography workshops with Fujifilm instructors photographed historical places such as “Taş Mektep, Dündar Evi, Fatih Mosque and Tabut Ev”.

21 Sep 2018

Grosse Investition In Die Bursugaz Gürsu Station

Bursagaz, eine von den grössten Erdgasverteilungsfirmen der Türkei, hat die Erdgas-Hauptstation Gürsu RMS-A mit ca. 7 Millionen TL Investition erneuert. Nach einer Überarbeitung von 3 Monaten wurde es im September wieder eröffnet und eine technische Besichtigung organisiert. Auf der Besichtigung der Station teilte der Bursagaz Generaldirektor Dr. Markus Rapp folgendes mit:“Wir haben die Gürsu Station mit der Hochtechnologie erneuert und jeglichen Erdgasausfall ausgeschlossen.“ 

12 Sep 2018

Bursagaz Nature Club Collected 90 Bags Of Garbage In Uludağ

Bursagaz Nature Club, founded and promoted by Bursagaz, continues its activities throughout the city. Bursagaz Nature Club, which has fed stray animals during winter, cleaned up under the water with professional divers during summer, then carried out zone cleaning and built bird nests in Bursa Hamak Festival, now organized an extensive environmental clean-up event in Uludağ. 


18 Aug 2018

Bursagaz Commemorated The Victims Of 17 August Marmara Erthquake

Those who lost their lives in Marmara Earthquake on August 17, 1999 were commemorated with a ceremony in Kestel District of Bursa. Bursagaz's search and rescue team BURAK took part in the event.Those who lost their lives in the Marmara Earthquake on August 17, 1999 were commemorated with a ceremony in Cumhuriyet Square of Kestel District of Bursa. Bursagaz's search and rescue team BURAK, who took part in the commemoration ceremony of the 19th August earthquake, informed the participants about the activities and introduced their vehicles and equipment.

08 Aug 2018

Bursagaz Makes A Huge Investment Of Try 137 Million In Mountain Districts

Bursagaz, one of the biggest natural gas distribution companies in Turkey, has accelerated its efforts to bring natural gas to the mountain districts after EMRA responded positively to its application for investment. Mr Şükrü Özden, Vice General Manager of Bursagaz, paid a visit to the mayors of Keles, Orhaneli, Büyükorhan and Harmancık along with the top managers of the company. Mr Özden remarked that the initial investment will be made in Keles in the first week of August. The total worth of the investment intended for mountain districts will be TRY 137 million

25 Jul 2018

4 Other Towns In Bursa Are Going To Get Natural Gas

As one of the biggest natural gas distribution companies in Turkey, the investment budget application Bursagaz had made to the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) for 4 mountain towns was given positive response. Bursagaz aims to start the infrastructure work in Keles, Orhaneli, Büyükorhan and Harmancık towns this September. After the installation of about 110 kilometres of new pipeline, Keles will get natural gas in 2019 and Orhaneli, Büyükorhan and Harmancık in 2020, which means more than 15 thousand people starting to experience the comfort of natural gas.

17 Jul 2018

Special Opportunity For The World Cup From Bursagaz!

Planning to experience the enthusiasm of the World Cup 2018 in various activities, Bursagaz shall give Bursaspor uniform as a gift to the first 200 people to subscribe to the natural gas transformation campaign during the World Cup. Also the first 100 people to visit the customer relations desk in Bursagaz Head Office for any transaction and to subscribe to Millenicom at the same time shall be given a football.  

17 Jul 2018

Bursagaz Dove Under Water!

Bursagaz, continuing to work with the goal of delivering natural gas, which is the most reliable, clean and comfortable fuel to the whole of Bursa,  carried its environmental activities under water. Bursagaz Nature Club cleaned by submerging under water in Gemlik Narlı for underwater cleaning.

16 Jul 2018

Bursa Metropolıtan Munıcıpalıty And Bursagaz Collaborated For The Aır Of Bursa

Bursagaz, one of the biggest natural gas distribution companies in Turkey, continues its campaigns and investments to unite all of Bursa with natural gas without slowing down. Bursagaz, which started a natural gas conversion campaign with the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, brings together those who want to be natural gas subscribers with advantageous installment opportunities and prices through authorized interior installation companies participating in the campaign. 

16 Jul 2018

Two Gıant Teams Of Bursa Competed For Champıonshıp

There was a breath taking championship at Bursa U15 Men Basketball League on 18th of April, Wednesday. Bursa Stars Basketball Club, being sponsored by Bursagaz, competed at Ataturk Closed Sports Hall with Tofas Star B Basketball Club. While Tofas Basketball team became the champion after the match taking place between two giant teams of Bursa, Bursa Stars won the second prize.

16 Jul 2018

Bursagaz Gave Safe Natural Gas Traınıng In Balat's Mother Chıldren's Festıval

Bursa's biggest children's festival "Mother Child Festival in Baharda Balat" took place between 3-6 May with the participation of famous names. Bursagaz,Turkey's largest natural gas distribution company, also took part in the event held at Balat Forest. Bursagaz, which provides a training on using safe natural gas for children, has had fun moments with children through origami activity.

16 Jul 2018

Bursagaz Search Rescue Team Is Fıve Years Old!

Speaking of his social responsibility studies, Bursagaz continues to work for the people of Bursa, not limiting his work to natural gas distribution. Bursagaz search and rescue team Burak (Bursagaz Search and Rescue), not only in Bursa, ready and waiting for help to go to every corner of Turkey.

16 Jul 2018

Bursagaz Met With The Business Partners

Bursagaz, one of the biggest natural gas distribution companies in Turkey, met with its business partners in a Ramadan program reflecting the value of unity. In the Ramadan dinner at Bursa Almira Hotel attended by more than 500 business partners, mention was made of the investments of Bursagaz in 2018, its social accountability projects and values. 

13 Jul 2018

Bursagaz Has Taken Its Place In The E-State Gateway !

The Bursagaz, one of the greatest natural gas distribution companies of Turkey, is taking its place in the E-State Gateway with its two separate services. From now on, the Bursa people can reach their natural gas subscription information as well as the previous period payments and  the debt information.  

13 Apr 2018

A Visit Was Made To Bursagaz From Bursa Deputies and Mayors

Bursagaz one of the Turkey's largest natural gas distribution company welcomed Bursa Deputies and Mayors in the general directorate. Bursa Deputies, Bennur Karaburun, Osman Mesten and Müfit Aydın, Mayor of the Yıldırım İsmail Hakkı Edebali, Mayor of Gürsu Mustafa Işık, Bursa Environment Provincial Director Halit Turgut and Bursa Provincial Director of Agriculture Ömer Ceylan get information about Bursagaz's LEED Platinium certified head office.  During the visit, natural gas infrastructures problem which is faced in areas without zoning plan were discussed and they were consulted about how to solve this problem. Besides, air quality improvement project was also discussed.

13 Apr 2018

Bursagaz ve Kayserigaz Intergrate Alarm Systems Into SAP Platform

Bursagaz and Kayserigaz, the two leading natural gas affiliates of EWE Turkey Holding, continue to make investments in order to promote grid safety. In addition to using the state-of-the-art SCADA system for grid safety, Bursagaz and Kayserigaz cooperate with SAP, pioneer of software industry, in order to facilitate management of alarms provided through the system. Hence, the two leading companies in natural gas distribution business have succeeded in further promoting grid safety thanks to SAP Alarm Management Project.

13 Apr 2018

Bursagaz Brings Natural Gas To 6 More Villages In Gürsu!

Bursagaz announced that it completed the natural gas line installation project on January 1, 2018 after starting the project in 2015 based on the decision to make investments in the villages in Gürsu in order to enable residents of Bursa to benefit from the advantages and comfort of natural gas. Bringing natural gas to the villages of Ağaköy, Canbazlar, İğdir, Karahıdır, Kumlukalan and Kazıklı in Gürsu, Bursa, Bursagaz organized an opening ceremony in the village of Kazıklı on January 19, 2018 to mark this important event. Also, Bursagaz provided information about its plans for 2018 during the ceremony honoured by AK Party MPs, Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Şükrü Köse, Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık and village mukhtars.

13 Apr 2018

Visit From Bursagaz Management To Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş

Top managers of Bursagaz visited Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş and congratulated him for his new assignment, while expressing their best wishes to him. Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who welcomed Bursagaz Board Chairman Hasan Yasir Bora, Bursagaz General Manager Dr. Markus Rapp and Assistant General Manager Şükrü Özdençözüm at his office, stated that they were ready for realizing common works and for collaborating with their solution focused municipalism approach.


15 Jan 2018

Bursagaz and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality joined their forces against air pollution against air pollution

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Bursagaz are signing a joint project to put an end the air pollution in Bursa. The project, aiming to end air pollution by spreading the use of natural gas and started with a natural gas installation as free of charge for 2,000 low-income families.